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Bitcoin-sCrypt – Decentralized Development

While the original Bitcoin (BTC) provides decentralized transaction exchange and confirmation, development follows a centralized top-down model.
Bitcoin-sCrypt (BTCS) development is committed to decentralizing development by having users vote on development issues with vote weight based on coin ownership percentages, just like shareholder voting in a corporation.
What’s more, Bitcoin-sCrypt users can propose items to be voted on so Bitcoin-sCrypt development is truly community-driven.

Future votes include whether to change the mining algo to become more asic resistant, whether to switch to a hybrid or a pure Proof-of-Stake system; whether to adopt anonymity features; whether to increase the blocksize; and whether to adopt new cryptocoin features and functionality, as proposed by the coin-holders themselves.

Bitcoin-sCrypt Online Web Wallet

The web wallet is a service that allows users to store & control their BTCS coins online , you don`t need to download anything , no blockchain downloads, no wallet installation, no hassle. access your BTCS wallet anywhere from any device.

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